Services offered include general repair of both sail and powerboats. Our mechanics are proficient in all marine repair, new systems installation, and finding the source of your boat's problems.

Yacht brokerage

We have more than 30 years experience selling the thousands of Seaward boats

we've built over the years. We've also sold hundreds of used boats that were

traded-in on new Seawards.  Give us a call and we'll tailor a plan to suit your boat.

Marine Services


We've been transporting boats for more

than 30 years. We're equipped to move your boat safely across town or across

the country.

NH Designs owner, Nick Hake shown with

one of his designs, the Seaward 46rk.

Nick has been designing and building innovative high quality sailboats for

more than 30 years.  Read more about Nick and Seaward on our "About" page.