Seaward 26rk

Because we were the builder and designer of Seaward Yachts for more than 30 years, we tend to attract many Seawards to our brokerage list.  We do however, encourage all boat owners to consider our services.

Boats in good to excellent condition sell.  If your boat needs repair or upgrades to make it marketable, we'll be happy

to discuss your boat and it's needs.

Seaward 32rk

All modern Seawards share similar characteristics.  They have electrically lifting keels that move vertically in a trunk. The keels have their ballast in a bulb at the keel's lower tip.  The rudders also retract vertically. Ballast weight deep in the water, adjustable draft, and clean canoe-shaped underbodies are fundamental to the our boats' outstanding sailing ability.

Seaward 46rk